Health & comfort

Today, most homes are sealed to keep energy costs down by preventing wasteful air leaks. However, sealing homes can also lead to a build-up of indoor-generated pollutants. These pollutants can potentially lead to health problems for occupants. Although most odours may simply be a nuisance, others may signify the presence of health-threatening gases or fumes, such as formaldehyde, or gases from paints, cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, household cleaners or even perfumes.

However, the alternative to sealing – traditional ventilation gratings in the outer walls – are not only wasteful but also make the climate inside the home needlessly uncomfortable. Recair overcomes all these problems.

Recair protects occupants
With a Recair core in a home heat-recovery ventilation system, you can protect occupants from health problems associated with a variety of indoor air pollutants:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause headaches, drowsiness and reduced mental alertness and concentration;
  • Smoke can cause irritated eyes, respiratory problems, bronchitis and pneumonia;
  • High humidity promotes asthma and encourages fungal growth and house dust mites;
  • Formaldehyde (found in tobacco products, gas cookers and open fireplaces, and emitted from manufactured wood products, carpets and permanent-press fabrics) can cause headaches, sore throats, irritations of eye, skin and respiratory tract, sinus problems, nasal congestion, hearing loss, arthritis, depression and memory impairments;
  • Ammonia can cause eye, nose and respiratory tract irritation;
  • Many substances emitted from building materials (including paints, carpets and adhesives) can cause extreme allergic reactions in chemically sensitive individuals;
  • Radon (an invisible, odourless gas that, in some parts of the world, seeps into homes from the ground) can, over time, cause cancer;
  • Ventilation openings in the facade let traffic or other noise in, which can be stressful;
  • Ventilation openings in the facade induce unhealthy draughts, colds or even influenza.

Recair improves occupants comfort
With a Recair core in your home heat-recovery ventilation system, you can improve the level of home comfort for occupants with:

  • A uniform room temperature and humidity level – no cold zones or chilly corners;
  • No draughts from ventilation gratings in outer walls;
  • Less noise from outside, thanks to the Recair heat-recovery core’s excellent noise-reduction properties.

Recair saves you money
A Recair heat-recovery core not only saves money by eliminating energy loss through poor insulation; it also helps you avoid heating homes too much. People set their central heating temperature levels based on the lowest temperature they feel in the house: if they feel cold draughts, this leads to them setting the temperature levels higher than necessary, resulting in higher heating bills. By eliminating cold areas or draughts, Recair products keep families warm and heating bills low.