Creating the ideal indoor climate

Recair manufactures innovative, environmentally friendly heat-recovery cores. Integrated into a heat-recovery ventilation unit, these products create the ideal, comfortable indoor climate - not too hot, not too cold, not too humid, not too dry, with a steady supply of healthy, clean, fresh, allergen-free air. And they can do it while reducing energy bills and minimising environmental impact. Recair products can be used to create the ideal climate in any indoor space: in your home, at your office, in schools and other public buildings, in truck-drivers’ cabins, cars and campers - even in greenhouses.

Innovative technology
Many people today spend most of their time in buildings, cars or other enclosed spaces. To maximise yields, even crops are increasingly being grown indoors. Yet creating the ideal climate in such spaces is not always easy, often entailing considerable -and costly- waste of energy. At Recair, our passion is to develop innovative technology that enables home-owners, employers, real-estate managers, market gardeners -in fact, anyone responsible for indoor climates- to create such climates at minimum cost both to themselves and to the environment. Although we already believe that we have the best products for this purpose on the market today, we are constantly striving to improve them.