Innovation is our driving force

For years now Recair has been setting the trend with innovations in the field of heat recovery. In the past some of these, such as the hexagonal heat exchanger and the use of plastic materials, raised certain people's eyebrows. Years later, however, these innovations were copied by almost every supplier and are now commonplace.

As Henk Reijneveld, Managing Director of Recair, explains: "Innovation and optimisation are a priority for Recair professionals. We want to deliver the best products in the field of heat recovery and, by doing so, make a significant contribution to the consumer comfort and the worldwide reduction in CO2 emissions."

Product development and fundamental research

One of the main reasons why Recair is such an innovative force is the comprehensive R&D and testing facilities which the company has at its premises in Waalwijk. Not only are new products developed there, such as the recently introduced Recair Comfort (optimal comfort, low pressure drop) and Recair Ultimate (maximum saving, high efficiency), it is also the location of fundamental physics-based research designed to improve our understanding of, for example, materials, energy transfer, moisture, air, temperature, pressure and comfort. One example of this is the recently published report by Stein Hendriks on 'high humidity recovery', that you can download as a white paper.


Recair laboratory work hard for its customers

The heart of the Recair R&D and test department is the advanced laboratory where situations are simulated at conditions ranging from -30 to +35 degrees Celsius and 95% relative humidity. This enables detailed examination of the operation of an exchanger or a complete air handling unit. In this way the Recair research team and the laboratory are able to come up with numerous innovations which help the company make significant steps forward. On top of this Recair is able to offer its customers the security of knowing, prior to obligatory testing of an air handling unit by an inspection body, that their report will not contain any surprising outcomes. This prevents the unnecessary expense of a possible second or third test.

Would you like to find out more about the Recair research and testing facilities?

Recair is keen to share its knowledge with its partners and customers in order to give an extra impulse to product development in the market. If you would like to find out more about the Recair research and testing facilities, please feel free to contact Henk Reijneveld, via or telephone +31(0)416 347110.

If you are interested in the white paper entitled 'Do we want high humidity recovery in our home' by Recair researcher Stein Hendriks, you can download a PDF version.