Saving energy in comfort

With its heat exchangers, Recair offers an essential contribution to the energy problems the world is being confronted with. This is why the Dutch company has been producing heat exchangers since the beginning of this century that link high efficiency with comfort for users inside buildings. The unique and innovative design of the heat exchangers is recognised across Europe and the rest of the world is now also showing an interest in these innovative heat recuperation products. This is no surprise, as Recair products also achieve their striking high efficiency in climates with extremely high or even low outside temperatures.

More energy efficient
Recair continues to innovate. It aims to ventilate houses, schools, offices and, for instance, hospitals in such a way that there is minimum energy loss. This gives us the opportunity to deal with fossil fuels more economically and thus directly contribute to a reduction of CO2 emission. At the same time, the high efficiency of the exchangers provides comfort for the users. As the incoming air is practically the same temperature as the outgoing air, residents or users do not experience a draft. In short, Recair provides a healthy and comfortable working and living climate. In addition, due to the high efficiency, the ROI of the exchangers is very short.

Data centres
In data centres, where -in practice- more energy is used for cooling than for the core business, Recair products prove their economic and ecologic value. With Recair heat exchangers the clean air remains in the data centre, but it is re-cooled with or without the adiabatic cooled outside air, to the optimum working temperature of 24 ˚C. This way, it turns out to be possible to achieve a PUE (total energy use, divided by the ICT energy use) of 1.15, while the average use for large data centres is still between 1.8 and 1.89. Here too, Recair provides a considerable contribution to going green.

Recair is a true specialist: the factory in Waalwijk only manufacture heat exchangers and all research and development is only focused on this. The Recair heat exchanger is then added to ventilation systems put on the market by third parties as a strongly distinguishing component. Due to its sole focus on recuperators, Recair manages to offer an overriding better quality: apart from efficiency and only a minimum loss of pressure, the sustainability of the heat exchanger is truly distinguishing: a Recair heat exchanger has a long life, during which it recovers its modest purchase price several times.




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